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CBD Gummy

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Product Name: Strawberry Lemonade CBD Gummies - 25mg Broad Spectrum (30 Count)


Indulge your senses with our Strawberry Lemonade CBD Gummies, a delicious and convenient way to incorporate the benefits of CBD into your daily routine. Crafted with care, these gummies combine the sweet and tangy flavors of ripe strawberries and zesty lemonade with the therapeutic properties of broad-spectrum CBD.

Key Features:

  • Potent CBD Content: Each gummy is infused with 25mg of broad-spectrum CBD, ensuring a consistent and effective dose to support relaxation and well-being.

  • Broad Spectrum Goodness: Experience the entourage effect with our broad-spectrum CBD, which includes various cannabinoids and terpenes without any detectable THC. Enjoy the full benefits of the hemp plant without the psychoactive effects.

  • Delicious Strawberry Lemonade Flavor: Treat your taste buds to the perfect blend of strawberry sweetness and refreshing lemonade tang. Our gummies make incorporating CBD into your routine a delightful experience.

  • Convenient and Precise Dosage: With 30 gummies per container, each perfectly dosed at 25mg, you can easily manage your CBD intake. Ideal for those who prefer a measured and tasty way to enjoy the benefits of CBD.

  • Natural Ingredients: We prioritize quality, using natural ingredients and avoiding artificial additives. Our gummies are made with care to ensure a pure and enjoyable CBD experience.

  • Travel-Friendly Packaging: The 30-count container is compact and convenient, making it easy to take your CBD gummies on the go. Perfect for busy lifestyles and those seeking a discreet CBD option.

  • Third-Party Tested: Our commitment to transparency and quality is reinforced through third-party testing, ensuring that each gummy meets the highest standards of purity and potency.

Indulge in the delightful fusion of flavors and wellness with our Strawberry Lemonade CBD Gummies. Elevate your CBD experience while savoring the goodness of natural ingredients.